Roblox Scripts

Here, you can find all the Roblox Scripts I show in my YouTube Videos! I will be frequently posting here so make sure to check back often for more scripts!

Roblox Exploits

Here, you can find many popular and safe Roblox Exploits. I have previously used and shown most of these executors in my YouTube Videos!

other programs

Here you can find other programs that I showcase in my YouTube videos, they are all completely safe!


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions

No, none of the Exploits I have on my website, or show on YouTube, are viruses. They may flag in your antivirus as malware, but this is just a ‘False Positive’. False positive, which is sometimes written as f/p, is an expression commonly used in cybersecurity to denote that a file or setting has been flagged as malicious when it’s not.

There is always a possibility of being banned in certain Roblox Games for cheating/hacking but it is very unlikely you would be banned entirely from Roblox. I recommend only using scripts on alt accounts.

First of all, you must have a Roblox Exploit/Executor. You can get both Free and Paid Roblox Executors, Paid being more powerful and reliable, but Free obviously more affordable. You can get an Exploit from the Exploit section just above, I have tutorials on YouTube showing you how to download and use them. They are linked with the download to each Exploit.

If you ever come across the issue of downloading a file but it is zipped, you must download a program that allows you to unzip/extract them. The programs I would recommend are WinRAR and 7-Zip

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